Foremost Source of Energy – Sun ‘in context of Vastu’

003The fact is  ‘Vastu Shastra’ is not a belief or a superstition.  It is the pure science of the cosmos. Nothing to be ‘believed’ or  ‘worshipped’. Every principle and technique has its scientific explanation behind it; and it can be observed regardless of religion or beliefs.

Tha source of solar energy comes, as the name suggests, cames from the star itselfs. Morning sun is very beneficial to the human body. It is best to get morning exposures during sunrise timings. As per the Hindu religions, praying the morning sun god and chanting the sacred ‘gayatri mantra’ facing east, would be quite beneficial. Expose yourself towards the morning sun as much as possible. It is the source of vitamin D as well. Take a bath in the morning exposing to the beneficial morning sun with better absorption of vitamin D.

Sun emits two types of radiations- the ultraviolet and the infared. These rays have various effects on the human body and environment. This is one of the basic princple of ‘Vastu Shastra’. Because of the importance of sunlight to humans, the main aim of vastu is to ensure that the inmates of a house are inadvertently  expose to the useful rays of sunlight, even if they are inside the house the whole day. However, during a day, people perform different activities in different rooms at different times and the sun’s position keeps changing from sunrise to sunset. So, to ensure that the inmates are exposed to sunlight constantly, each room should be positioned so that it faces the sun at the time of the day when it is most likely to be used.

The 24 hours of one solar day are divided into eight parts, associats with eight cardinal directions. In each of these eight periods, the sun is positioned in one of the cardinal directions. Therefore, the room which is most likely used during that period is located in this direction.